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Lipomas are non cancerous tumours made of fatty tissue. The lipomas are soft to touch and normally do not cause any pain. However if you keep feeling them, then at some stage they may become harder and start giving a pain sensation. They are mostly found on the arms, abdomen, back and legs. The size could be anything from 1 cm to 10 cms. They are mostly found in people in the age bracket of 40 to 60 years however they could be found in young adults also. The Lipomas have a very rare chance of becoming cancerous where they are called Liposarcomas. The Lipomas are removed mostly for cosmetic reasons and not for any medical benefits. If the Lipomas are visible to others then they can cause mental stress to the patient and in such cases we remove the Lipomas through a small surgery which can be done in Outpatient department without admitting the patient. The Lipomas which are removed once, do not recur but new lipomas can form in the body. It is advisable to get the lipomas removed through surgery only when new lipomas are not getting formed in the body.

best doctor for lipoma treatment in gurgaon

Lipoma Surgery

There is no medical reason for removing the lipomas unless they are causing you pain. The lipomas are mostly painless but if we keep twiddling with them with our fingers then they tend to become hard and a mild pain sensation develops. There is a very low chance for lipomas to become cancerous so they are usually removed for cosmetic reasons. To be on a safer side, the lipomas which are removed through surgery are sent for histopathology examination to confirm their nature. Even though the lipomas are non cancerous, still the characteristics of a "lump" is not known until it is tested in the laboratory. Lipomas are normally removed by simple excision. The removal can often be done under local anaesthesia, and takes less than 30 minutes. This cures the great majority of cases, with about 1–2% of lipomas recurring after excision. Our surgeons have developed a technique in which large lipomas can be removed through a very small incision measuring around 1 cm. The incision is then closed using staplers and no dressing is required after the surgery. The staplers are removed after a week and there is a very minimal scar at the point of incision.

 best doctor for lipoma in gurgaon

Best Doctors and Cost

Dr Pramod Prasad is one of the most experienced surgeon for lipoma excision surgery. The costing for this surgery is calculated on the basis of time taken in the operation theatre for the completion of the surgery. Upto 10 lipomas can be removed every hour and therefore the cost for removal of 1-10 lipomas is around Rs. 35,000. This cost increases by Rs. 20,000 for each additional hour for the surgery. Our surgeons have removed as many as 150 lipomas in a single patient in a surgery lasting1 8 hours. Normally such surgeries are done in two sittings spread over 3-4 months. The surgery can be done under local anaesthesia and the patient can go home immediately after the surgery. However for patients having multiple lipomas like 40-50, it is better to do the surgery under general anaesthesia as the surgery could last for 4-5 hours. For surgeries done under General Anaesthesia, the patient is discharged from the hospital on the next day of the surgery. None of the insurance companies cover the removal of lipoma for either cashless or reimbursement unless it is a Liposarcoma.

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About Sethi Hospital

Sethi Hospital was setup in the year 1996 by the doctor couple of Dr. Ashok Sethi and Dr Pushpa Sethi in the city of Gurgaon. Initially the hospital offered services in the fields of Orthopaedics and Gynaecology but soon developed into a multi-specialty hospital offering complete range of secondary and tertiary level treatments. In the last 24 years, the hospital has treated more than 12 lac patients throught outdoor and indoor facilities. Sethi Hospital has won the trust of the patients on the basis of ethical and cost effective treatment. Middle class patients who have to self finance their medical treatment, find our pricing quite affordable for the quality of treatment given.

best doctor for lipoma surgery in gurgaon

Medical Technology

The state of art cutting edge medical technology deployed at Sethi hospital makes us a complete hospital for your medical treatment. Most of the patients who come for any kind of treatment normally require the facilities of ultrasound, colour doppler, echocardiography and digital x-ray within the hospital. Sethi hospital has all these facilities inhouse which means that the patient does not have to run from one place to another for getting the complete treatment. Inhouse pharmacy and pathology lab ensures that the attendants of the patients getting admitted at the hospital can have the peace of mind and do not have to run helter skelter.

best doctor for lipoma surgery in gurgaon - Sethi hospital

A Professional Medical Team

The team of doctors at Sethi hospital are some of the most experiencd medical professionals in the city of Gurgaon. Almost all our doctors have more than 15-20 years of experience in their respective fields. The doctors at Sethi Hospital are always trying to improve the medical and surgical outcomes and take active part in continous medical education programmes. Our team of doctors are assisted by highly trained paramedics in the diagnostic field. Our Nursing Team efficiently carries out the doctor's instructions and provide compassionate care which speeds up the healing process. The Physiotherapy Team makes sure that your recovery is quick and complete.

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