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Ureteric Stones

Most of us have two kidneys which are bean shaped organs of the size of our fist located in the middle of the abdomen towards the backbone. The major function of the kidneys is to purify the blood and maintain blood pressure. Whatever food we eat has many impurities and chemicals in it. The food is absorbed by the intestines and the impurities enter the blood alongwith the nutrients like protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. This blood is then supposed to be supplied to all the cells of the body through the heart but needs to be purified of the impurities before this happens. The blood passes through the kidneys which retain the impurities within the kidneys and pass the clean blood. The impurities which are retained in the kidneys need to be flushed out with the use of water which we drink so that they can enter the urinary bladder and ultimately excreted out of the body with the urine. People who do not drink enough water cannot flush out the impurities from their kidneys which manifest in the form of stones. The kidneys are connected to the urinary bladder through thin tubes called ureter. The kidney stones pass from the kidneys into the ureter and get stuck there because of the narrowness of the ureters. This prevents the flow of urine from the kidneys to the urinary bladder and causes infection in the kidneys. In order to prevent kidney damage, the ureters need to be cleared of these stones.

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Treatment of Ureteric Stones

Most of the Ureteric stones are stuck in the ureter causing damage to the internal lining of the ureter and also causing infection to the kidneys. One way to treat the ureteric stones is to admit the patient in the hospital and give IV fluids alongwith medicines which create urinary pressure. Some medications which help in breaking the stones are also added to the treatment plan. This therapy is tried for 1-2 days and the stones stuck in the ureter are attempted to be flushed out with the urine. If this fails to achieve the objective then the only option left is to perform a surgery which does not require any incision. The urologist will use a ureteroscope to enter your body through the opening in your penis or through the vagina in the case of female patients. The ureteroscope is a thin wire like instrument with a high definition camera, LED light and forceps. The HD camera sends high resolution images to the computer screen and the urologist is able to move from the Urethre to the Urinary bladder and then to the Ureter to reach the site of the stone. The stone is crushed into smaller pieces and extricated. If the stone cannot be broken then the urologist will put a stent to bypass the blockage caused by the stone in the flow of the urine from the kidney to the urinary bladder. The procedure is done under spinal anaesthesia and the patient can go home within one day of the surgery. The patient has to be readmitted for few hours when the stent is to be removed.

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Best Doctors and Cost

Dr Pramod Prasad and Dr Chandrakant Kar have long experience in the treatment of ureteric stones both medically and surgically. The cost of hospitalization for 1-2 days for trying the non-surgical method of flushing out the ureteric stone using medicines would cost you Rs. 10-15 thousand. The Ureteroscopic surgery (URS) costs in the range of Rs. 45,000 - 60,000 depending on the category of room chosen by you. The surgery can be done in daycare and the patient goes home on the same day. Some patients might require a DJ stent to be placed in their ureter during the surgery. This stent is removed 3-4 months after the surgery. The removal of the stent will cost another Rs. 15-20 thousand as the same procedure is repeated for the removal of the stent. Most of the insurance policies do not cover this surgery within the first two years of the policy. However if you are holding an insurance policy which has been provided by your company then the surgery is covered from day one. You also have to check the room rent eligibility in your insurance policy to make sure that you get the complete claim amount and there are no deductions. If you opt for a higher category room than what you are eligible for, then you may have to bear some expenses for your treatment.

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About Sethi Hospital

Sethi Hospital was setup in the year 1996 by the doctor couple of Dr. Ashok Sethi and Dr Pushpa Sethi in the city of Gurgaon. Initially the hospital offered services in the fields of Orthopaedics and Gynaecology but soon developed into a multi-specialty hospital offering complete range of secondary and tertiary level treatments. In the last 24 years, the hospital has treated more than 12 lac patients throught outdoor and indoor facilities. Sethi Hospital has won the trust of the patients on the basis of ethical and cost effective treatment. Middle class patients who have to self finance their medical treatment, find our pricing quite affordable for the quality of treatment given.

best doctor for ureteric stone treatment in Gurgaon

Medical Technology

The state of art cutting edge medical technology deployed at Sethi hospital makes us a complete hospital for your medical treatment. Most of the patients who come for any kind of treatment normally require the facilities of ultrasound, colour doppler, echocardiography and digital x-ray within the hospital. Sethi hospital has all these facilities inhouse which means that the patient does not have to run from one place to another for getting the complete treatment. Inhouse pharmacy and pathology lab ensures that the attendants of the patients getting admitted at the hospital can have the peace of mind and do not have to run helter skelter.

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A Professional Medical Team

The team of doctors at Sethi hospital are some of the most experiencd medical professionals in the city of Gurgaon. Almost all our doctors have more than 15-20 years of experience in their respective fields. The doctors at Sethi Hospital are always trying to improve the medical and surgical outcomes and take active part in continous medical education programmes. Our team of doctors are assisted by highly trained paramedics in the diagnostic field. Our Nursing Team efficiently carries out the doctor's instructions and provide compassionate care which speeds up the healing process. The Physiotherapy Team makes sure that your recovery is quick and complete.

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